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Essays and information on reed making, innovation, pedagogy, and music.

Tools & Equipment

cullen blain

Equipment List

All of our reeds are made using quality tools and crafted by hand from start to finish. The material properties of the cane are measured and the cane is then sorted, this ensures the best materials are used. We age our cane and blanks in a temperature and humidity controlled environment anywhere from 3 to 8 months to create a stable long-lasting reed.


Reedmaking Tools

  • Precision Machine Products Ltd. — Gouger
  • Precision Machine Products Ltd. — Constant-Arc Filiere
  • Precision Machine Products Ltd. — Pre-Gouger
  • Georg Rieger — Gouger
  • Reeds 'n' Stuff — Pre-Gouger
  • Reeds 'n' Stuff — Cane Splitter

  • Fox Products — Straight Shaper, BL
  • Fox Products — Straight Shaper, H
  • Fox Products — Straight Shaper, No. 1
  • Fox Products — Straight Shaper, No. 2
  • Herzberg Products — Straight Shaper, Herzberg
  • Georg Rieger— Fold Over Shaper, No. 1a
  • Georg Rieger— Fold Over Shaper, No. 6
  • Georg Rieger— Fold Over Shaper, No. 14
  • PCD Company — Straight Shaper, Winstead