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All of our reeds are made with select cane and crafted by hand from start to finish. The cane and blanks are stored in a climate controlled environment anywhere from 3 to 8 months to ensure stability and longevity.

Standard Bassoon Reed


Standard Bassoon Reed

from 15.00

Standard Bassoon Reed. Blain or Herzberg Reed Shape. Select Strength.

Note from the Reed Maker:

This is the reed style that I play, perform, and teach; for me, it is the most consistent and extremely reliable. I developed this reed-style while performing a ton of opera and ballet, where you need reeds that can just do everything all the time. Mainly, I prefer Medium strength cane and use both reed shapes frequently. From Tube-to-Finished Reed, all processes are performed in-house.

- Cullen Blain

Selected for its material-performance using a patent-pending quality management system developed by Cullen Blain, all reed cane meets the highest quality and performance standards.

Reed Shape:
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Product Details Standard Bassoon Reed. Blain or Herzberg Shape. Select Strength.

Select Shape / Select Strength
Standard Profile for stability
1.35mm gouge / 0.15mm eccentricity

Additional Features
Non-Toxic Acrylic Glue
Alaskan Soft Brass Wire
Hand-Dyed Indian Cotton Thread