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innovative solutions for the performing musician

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C.B. Reeds & Tools is re-branding and in transition to becoming Queen City Reed Company! You will start to see more products, tools, and cane along with on-going changes as we undertake this process.

Queen City Reed Company started out as an opportunity to fund my doctoral research and has grown into a cutting-edge business that utilizes my cross-disciplinary research in manufacturing and material science. By integrating a proprietary quality management assessment into manufacturing, we sort and process cane based on its material properties along with other qualitative aspects to minimize waste, time, and reduce cost. Through combining technology and artistry, we are providing you the finest and most consistent reed cane possible.

-Cullen Blain, Founder

The Mark of Craftsmanship

All of our reeds are crafted by hand from start to finish using the finest quality materials available. Reed Cane is sorted and processed in-house which guarantees our quality, consistency, and keeps our price point competitive. The reed blanks are stored in a climate controlled environment anywhere from 3 to 8 months ensuring a stable and long-lasting bassoon reed.

The Standard of Excellence

Our Reed Micrometer is quickly becoming the standard in measurement and craftsmanship. Made with high-grade materials and using a Starrett indicator, this micrometer is sleek, precise, and durable.